B2B Sellers Got Smarter in 2012

In keeping with the spirit of the times, successful sales organizations are beginning to show a degree of nimbleness and adaptability that they may not have thought was necessary just a few years ago. Heinz Marketing has published a list of the top 7 B2B sales trends from 2012 that inspires a feeling of optimism for the year ahead. Leading the list is a “continued shift from field to inside sales.” In the past, this kind of change often signaled that an organization was scaling back. But now, says Heinz, “the primary driver of this shift is actually the buyer. They’re busier than ever, appreciate long-term relationship building vs. in-the-office pitches, and are just fine making complex purchase decisions remotely.”

The complete list of trends:

1. Continued shift from field to inside sales
2. Better outcome-oriented needs analysis
3. Smarter lead follow-up based on activity and/or intent
4. Rep-driven content curation
5. Daily best practice sharing, weekly training
6. Daily huddles at the team/manager level
7. Broader tool adoption for productivity and deal velocity