Bright Future for Sales Role

It’s well established now that B2B buyers are contacting sellers much later in their buying processes than was formerly the case. If a salesperson’s primary purpose used to be to provide information about products and services, and if buyers are increasingly comfortable with, and adept at, finding that information for themselves, should we conclude that the sales professional is on a path of inevitable decline?

“The Web will make salespeople MORE important,” writes Geoffrey James at “However, customers expect much more of the salespeople who contact and work with them. Customers now expect salespeople to have an expert’s view of the customer’s business, act as a manager of some crucial part of the customer’s business, and be effective at protecting the customer’s interests within the vendor organization.” James says we can look forward to these other positive developments in the next decade:

  • Sales jobs will become further differentiated and specialized.

  • Universities and colleges will offer more courses on selling.

  • Selling will be less of an art and more of a science.